Plot Summary

A bride and groom arrive at a lavish hotel suite on their wedding night.
They’re drunk, tired and overwhelmed, but instead of celebrating or winding
down, they get into an enormous fight. What was supposed to be a sweet,
magical, romantic night becomes a bitter, dazed urban odyssey that confronts
them both with past loves, repressed doubts and the single life they’ve left
behind. “Honeymood” begins where most romantic comedies end, right after the
customary happy ending – the wedding – when all that’s left for the
newlyweds is to live happily ever after. The film takes place over the course of one night in Jerusalem and allows a
glimpse into the life of the Holy City’s secular student community, young
people who lead a somewhat escapist existence, though the spirit of the city –
its complexity, loaded history and dark atmosphere – slip into their hearts and
souls, leaving its mark on them

Talya Lavie
Talya Lavie
Eitan Mansuri, Jonathan Doweck - spiro films