Srugim by Laizy Shapira- Credit: Pini Siluk

Plot Summary


Srugim (literally, “knitted” or “crocheted”) is an Israeli television drama which originally aired on Yes TV between 2008 and 2012. It was directed by Eliezer “Laizy” Shapiro, who co-created it with Hava Divon. The series depicted the lives of five national religious single men and women who reside in Jerusalem; the title is a reference to the crocheted skullcaps worn by men of that denomination. Srugim, which dealt with controversial issues in the Religious Zionist society in Israel, caused a public uproar within that sector. It enjoyed high ratings and won five Israeli Academy of Film and Television Awards.


Prizes and Awards

the Israeli Academy of Film and Television Awards Ceremony for 2009- the Award for the Best Drama Series; the Award for the Best Script, which went to the writers’s team headed by Shapiro and Divon; the Award for Best Actress, which was granted to Ya’el Sharoni

In the 2010 ceremony- Award for the Best Script.

Laizy Shapira
Hava Divon, Eliezer Shapiro and Laizy Shapira
Jonathan Aroch and Dikla Barkai
Yael Sharoni
Tali Sharon
Sharon Fauster
Ohad Knoller
Amos Tamam
35 minutes- 45 episodes
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