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Plot Summary

Sad Sarah, the harpist of the Jerusalem Philharmonic ,is married to Abraham the conductor of the orchestra. They have no children. When Hagar, a young horn-player from East Jerusalem joins the Western side Orchestra, Sarah’s world changes. The two women are irresistibly attracted to each other, developing a unique friendship that is challenged when Hagar offers Sarah to have a baby for her, from Abraham. When the baby is born, Hagar leaves the orchestra and the newborn child with Sarah and Abraham. Twelve years pass. Ben is 12, a phenomenal pianist, yet wild and uncontrollable. Ben resists all his mother’s (Sarah) efforts to impose discipline upon him. Something is wrong, he feels it deep inside. At the same time Sarah gets pregnant at her late forties, and gives birth to Isaac. When Isaac is 3, it is the right time for Hagar to return to the orchestra. The reunion of Hagar and Sarah is sweet yet sour. Ben was never told the truth about the way he was brought to the world. When the secret is reveled to Ben, an unexpected series of events lead to the fated ending. Harmonia is inspired by the biblical story from the book of Genesis, giving a feminine interpretation to the story of the “mothers” and their two half brother boys. By that, challenging the metaphoric origin of the historic clash between the two conflicted peoples, now seeking harmony through the world of classical music.

Ori Sivan
Ori Sivan
Mosh Danon
Tali Sharon
Alon Moni Aboutboul
Yana Yossef
Ali Suliman
Itai Shcherback
Tamir Tavor
Liron Amram
97 minutes
Production Company:
Inosan productions
Address: Judith 12, Tel Aviv. Code: 6701614
Fax: 03-6205131