The Unorthodox

Plot Summary

When Yakov Cohen’s daughter was expelled from school, he decided to establish a
parallel social institution. He had no knowledge, no money, no connections and no PR
but he had the strong will to take action that would allow him and other Sephardic
Jews to hold their heads up high. He brought two friends along, their operation was
characteristic of the people they represented: not the suit-wearing types but with
people working their way up from the bottom, informal, with love for their fellow
man, a great sense of humor, and a whole lot of rage . They didn’t know how to play
the political game: they made it all up as they went along and set out on one of the
oddest, most surprising and moving election campaigns the country has ever known.
Today, the Sfarad’s Guards political party– is an empire, an institution, even a brand
with significant implications to society. Yaakov Cohen is still working at his printing
house at the Bukharan Quarter in the heart of Jerusalem city.

Eliran Malk
Eliran Malk
Yonathan Paran
Shuli Rand
Yaacov Cohen
Golan Azulai
Yoav Levi
Or Lumbrozo
Tzahi Grad
Igal naor
Shifi Aloni
92 min
Production Company:
Dori Media Paran