Intrnational Film or Television production incentive Up to 50% cash rebate and up to NIS 1.6 million

A. Criteria for Eligibility
1. The Production Budget in Israel shall be no less than NIS 4 million.
2. The film or TV series plot is about Jerusalem and/or filmed in Jerusalem.
3. At least 50% of the planned filming days in Israel shall take place in Jerusalem.
4. The Budget Referred to Jerusalem shall be no less than 25% of the total Production Budget in Israel and no less than NIS 1 million.

B. General
The Fund’s investment in international productions is awarded on the basis of the following parameters: 1. Jerusalem’s place in the screenplay and the enhancement of its human image
2. Content and creative team quality
3. Allocation of production budget to Jerusalem

C. The investment includes and provides:
1. Cash rebate of up to NIS 1.6 million (approximately $400,000).
2. One Stop Shop – a municipality-based production coordination and authorization department. This single address in the municipality assists productions through pre-production to conclusion, and is responsible for production coordination, filming approval, and real time problem solving.
3.   An updated list of film equipment suppliers, production crews, and production support services.

D. Definitions
“Jerusalem” – The municipal area of Jerusalem as it is declared by the Minister of the Interior at the time this procedure is published.
“The Authority” – The Jerusalem Development Authority.
“The Fund” – The Jerusalem Film and Television Fund.
“The Grant Committee” – A committee composed of the Authority’s director and/or anyone on his behalf, the Authority’s VP of finances or the Authority’s accountant, the Authority’s legal advisor and the director of the Jerusalem Film and Television Fund.
“Film” – A fiction feature film at least 80 minutes long, which is typically intended for screening at movie theatres. “Television Series” – A fiction series with at least 7 episodes, each episode at least 24 minutes in length.
“An International Production” – A production of a Film or a Television Series, with the main funding from abroad. The producer and production company are legally registered abroad, and have proven experience. The main spoken language in the Film or TV series is not an official language in Israel. The main casting is from abroad. There is an extensive plan for broadcasting and distribution abroad.
“A Production Package” – The overall submitted offer, which includes script, producer, director, main casting, detailed budget and at least 80% of the budget funding is guaranteed and the producer has all necessary approvals. “The Production Budget in Israel” – The total estimation of costs required for purchasing goods and services directly related to the production of the Film or Series in Israel, including a detailed account of the Jerusalem budget.
“The Budget Referred to Jerusalem” – The budget includes payment for services and/or goods directly for the Production, that are supplied by professionals residing in Jerusalem and/or businesses operating regularly in Jerusalem.
“Premiere Screening” – The first public screening of the final copy of the Film or the Series before more than 100 guests and journalists, with the participation of the creators and main actors. E. Eligibility Producers who can demonstrate a proven track record in international production, whose production meets the definition of an “international production,” and where more than 20% of the screen time occurs in Jerusalem, and no less than 50% of the filming time in Israel is in Jerusalem.
A threshold condition for an international project to be accepted for evaluation is the submission of a planned budget along with the “Production Package” (see Paragraph C for information). This budget must state the portion of the budget allocated to Jerusalemof at least 25% of the total budget allocated to Israel and no less than 1,000,000 NIS.and must emphasize plans to employ crew living in Jerusalem, The producers will be bound by this undertaking at the production stage and the undertaking will form part of the Production Agreement should one be signed.

The Jerusalem Film Fund’s investment will depend on:
1. The quality of the proposal.
2. The screen time of Jerusalem in the project.
3. The production’s budget allocated to Jerusalem It is possible to submit international applications throughout the year. There is a special schedule for review, evaluation, and investment decisions, which is decided by the Fund  based on the number and quality of applications and the Fund’s budget. The Jerusalem Film Fund itself may contact international screenwriters, directors, and producers whose professional abilities and achievements it considers impressive and invite them to submit a production proposal.

E. General instructions
1. The “Submission Portfolio” for the proposal must contain all items listed in Paragraph C below. Documents relating to the application must be either in Hebrew or English.
2. The Jerusalem Film Fund will invest in the production of films based on evaluation and recommendations of its artistic consultants and the opinion of the Jerusalem Film Fund director as described in Paragraph B below.
3. The Fund’s investment is dependent on government budgets. If the Fund does not receive these budgets, in full or in part, it may cancel and/or reduce the size of its investment and/or revise the investment schedule at any stage and the funding applicant shall have no claim and/or legal cause and/or demand as a result of a cancellation or reduction in the investment and/or revision of the application deadline.

F. Reading and Review of Applications
The executive committee of the Jerusalem Film Fund will approve the Fund director’s investment recommendations.
1. Office Review The Submission Portfolio is checked to ensure that it complies with the basic requirements of this document and, follows the writing and screenplay guidelines. The Fund can reject applications that fail to meet the basic requirements.  At this stage and the stages described below, applications that have been rejected may be revised and resubmitted. The revised submission should be accompanied by a letter describing the changes in the application. A second rejection of the application is final, and the screenplay may not be resubmitted a third time.
2. Preliminary assessment of the application and production quality The Jerusalem Film Fund executive committee, artistic consultants, and production advisor will assess the proposal quality based on the Evaluation Table criteria. In addition to examining the qulity of the proposal and its team, we will focus on its production elements, including production expenditure allocated to Jerusalem and number of Jerusalem-based staff to be employed, in the applicant’s Top Sheet.Following this stage, proposals with evaluation scores that are below the Fund’s minimum requirements will be sent a letter declining their application.Proposals whose evaluation scores exceed the minimum requirement now proceed to the next stage. Such applicants are sent a positive response to their application with details of the submission requirements for the next stage. This includes: a full screenplay, budget revisions, and a production progress report.
3. Advanced evaluation of proposal and production quality The artistic consultants will assess the full screenplay and production and casting team standard. The production consultant will assess the production quality on the basis of its progress and the detailed production budget (which is submitted at this stage and binds the producers in the event of an agreement with the Fund). The budget must emphasize the amount of production expenditure in Jerusalem and the number of Jerusalem residents the production will employ.Applications with evaluation scores exceeding the minimum may be invited to meet with the artistic consultants and Fund Director to present the proposal in person.After this, the Fund Director constructs the project’s investment proposal, for approval by the Fund’s executive committee.
4. Decision to invest and scale of investment The Fund’s executive committee decides whether to reject or approve investing in the proposals it considers. After deciding in principal whether to invest in a project, the size of investment is calculated based on the production budget, proposed expenditure in Jerusalem, and quality of the proposal, see “Eligibility” section above.General The Fund’s executive committee may examine its policy and work method from time to time and alter and revise it based on requirements and changes in circumstances.Based on its considerations, the Fund’s executive has the full right to revise the amount of investment in the various tracks.The Fund reserves the right, inter alia, to examine the production, marketing, and distribution budgets for the application, to request any further information about the production, to ask for the budgets to be revised, and to condition any agreement with the applicant on these revisions being implemented.  The Fund’s decision in principle to invest in the production is not binding upon the Fund until the Fund and the applicant have signed a detailed agreement. Should the Fund decide to invest in a project it will sign an agreement with the producer to receive a share of the profits based on the percentage of its investment in the production.In any event of a contradiction between what is written in the information in the Fund’s website and the agreement, the agreement shall take precedence.

G. The Investment Application Portfolio
The application for the international production investment track must be submitted in four printed copies typed according to the Fund’s writing guidelines, plus an additional copy on DVD / CD. This is the “Application Portfolio.” Please note that the screenplay and any documents may only be in Hebrew or English. If the documents and screenplay were written in a language other than Hebrew or English, they must be translated within the deadline into Hebrew or English by the applicant. If legal documents (contracts, agreements, etc.) are translated from a language other than Hebrew or English, the translation must be notarized. 
The Application Portfolio must be hand delivered to the Jerusalem Film Fund Sunday-Thursday 09:00-15:00 at the following address. Please write the following clearly on the envelope containing the Application Portfolio:To the Jerusalem Film Fund International production application: “PRODUCTION NAME”Jerusalem Development Authority 2 Safra Square, Jerusalem

H. Application Portfolio Content
Please ensure that the four printed proposal copies and the additional copy on DVD / CD in the application portfolio are identical and that the following documents are attached together in the following order:
1. International Application form (PDF format / WORD format)  
2. Premise  (maximum two sentences).
3. Film or series abstract, maximum of 5 pages.
4. Full screenplay.
5. Maximum one page describing the main characters.
6. Professional resumes for: applicant, screenwriter, director, producer. One page maximum for each team member. 7. In the event that the story used for the screenplay is not original – please give documentation authorizing use of the original work.
8. Summary of production budget (Top Sheet) should be presented on the Budget Form. This should detail the total production costs allocated to Jerusalem and how many Jerusalem residents will be employed by the production.
9.Table listing names of the production’s investors and the size of investment, along with documents signed by the investors confirming the size of their investment, with details of the terms.
10.One liner – describing: each scene of the screenplay, filming time, estimated screen time, length of screenplay scene highlighting the Jerusalem scenes. At the bottom of the document state clearly the total length of the Jerusalem scenes in the screenplay, compared to the total length of Israeli/non-Jerusalem scenes.
11. Production schedule.
12. Provide additional documents, depending on how advanced production is (e.g., a list of the key members of the production team, main actors, Jerusalem shooting locations, etc.).

NOTE:  The information in this document is not binding on the Jerusalem Film Fund and is intended for information purposes only. Solely the agreement signed between the Jerusalem Film Fund and the applicant shall be binding