A. Criteria for Eligibility
1. Animated film and TV series as they are defined on the Fund’s website.
2. At least 80% of the production budget is secured and originates abroad, and the producer has obtained approval.
3. The budget that will be allocated to Jerusalem will be no less than NIS 4 million and this sum is no less than 80% of the total production budget in Israel.

B. Definitions:
“Jerusalem” – The municipal area of Jerusalem as it is declared by the Minister of the Interior at the time this procedure is published.
“The Authority” – The Jerusalem Development Authority.
“The Fund” – The Jerusalem Film and Television Fund.
“The Grant Committee” – A committee composed of the Authority’s director and/or anyone on his behalf, the Authority’s VP of finances or the Authority’s accountant, the Authority’s legal advisor and the director of the Jerusalem Film and Television Fund.
“Film” – A fiction feature film at least 80 minutes long, which is typically intended for screening at movie theatres.
“Television Series” – A fiction series with at least 7 episodes, each episode at least 24 minutes in length.
“An International Production” – A production of a Film or a Television Series, with the main funding from abroad. The producer and production company are legally registered abroad, and have proven experience. The main spoken language in the Film or TV series is not an official language in Israel. The main casting is from abroad. There is an extensive plan for broadcasting and distribution abroad.
“A Production Package” – The overall submitted offer, which includes script, producer, director, main casting, detailed budget and at least 80% of the budget funding is guaranteed and the producer has all necessary approvals.
“The Production Budget in Israel” – The total estimation of costs required for purchasing goods and services directly related to the production of the Film or Series in Israel, including a detailed account of the Jerusalem budget.
“The Budget Referred to Jerusalem” – The budget includes payment for services and/or goods directly for the Production, that are supplied by professionals residing in Jerusalem and/or businesses operating regularly in Jerusalem.

C. General instructions
Instructions for submission in the course of supporting international animation production, as it is defined in the document of eligibility and courses on the Jerusalem Film & Television Fund website. (Hereinafter: “the Fund (“
In this track, the Fund will support animation productions of animation feature films (at least 80 minutes in length), intended for screening in movie theaters and/or TV series.
The producer of the film or series will submit the initial planning of the production budget. The budget must clarify funding with a minimum budget of NIS 4 million to be spent in Jerusalem. This will constitute for at least 80% of the production budget in Israel.
In addition, at least 80% of the production budget must be secured and originate from abroad, with all necessary approvals for the funds.
The Fund will invest in international animation productions on the basis of the evaluation and recommendation of the artistic consultants and the Fund’s director. It shall be clarified, that the scope of the production budget referred to Jerusalem as specified above is the minimal threshold, and the Fund will prioritize a production that will increase the budget referred to Jerusalem beyond this.
The Fund management reserves the right to decide, at its own initiative, to support even if the submitter lacks the required experience, as specified in the document ‘Eligibility and Tracks’ on the Fund website, on the basis of the evaluation of the potential in the film/series and their creators, by the artistic consultants and the Fund’s director.
The Fund’s director is entitled to address screenwriters, directors and producers at any time, if he is impressed with their professional abilities and their achievements, and suggest that they submit an offer to the Fund, which will be brought for discussion and evaluation at any time set by the Fund.
The Fund’s support is conditioned on receiving various budgets from the Israeli government and from the Jerusalem municipality. If the stated budget is not allocated by the government and municipality, the partial or whole sum, the Fund shall be entitled to cancel and/or minimize the scope of the support, and/or to change the date of submission, at any stage whatsoever, and the submitting entrepreneur shall have no objection and/or claim and/or request dealing with the cancellation or minimizing of the Fund’s support and/or the changing of the submission date.

D. The Rate of Support
The Fund’s support shall be at a rate of 35% of the expenses in Jerusalem for production * and in any case shall not exceed NIS 4 million (hereinafter: “the Maximal Support Rate”).
“Production” – production activities performed in one or more of the professional studios in Jerusalem approved by the Fund, for soundtrack design, image editing, animation and image design (CGI). The works shall be performed by professionals in the film industry who work in a professional studio, including position holders as they are defined in the following professional unions: ACT, Animation Union, Editors Union and the Producers Union.

E. The process of reading and sorting the applications
After submission, the Fund’s director and artistic consultants will discuss and agree on leading candidates for the grant. Thereafter the Fund’s management shall approve the recommendations as they see fit.
The Fund’s director and artistic consultants will base their evaluations on strict criteria examining the script as specified later in this document, and shall serve as the standard for approving the Fund’s support to the productions submitted.
Submitters who have reached this stage shall be summoned at the Fund’s decision, to appear before the artistic consultants and the Fund’s director for the purpose of presenting the film/series orally.

F. Criteria for deciding to support:
1. The quality of the artistic aspect: the script, the production team, the casting and the distribution capability.
2. The role of Jerusalem service providers in the production process: the extent of the production in the city in terms of employing professionals, the quality of the work to be executed in the city, the expertize of the production’s international supervisors.
3. The scope of the budget referred to Israel and to Jerusalem based on the production planning, which will be set in the agreement terms.
4. The extent of exposure: the quality of the broadcast platform and the number of certain and possible territories.

The approval process and method of support
1. Submission by dates published by the Jerusalem Development Authority.
2. Reading the script and examining the quality and the production planning by professional consultants.
3. A recommendation for support shall be brought for discussion and approval of the Jerusalem Development Authority grants committee.
4. Signing an agreement and setting the maximum cash rebate based on the production budget data.
5. The method of support –The agreement shall set the maximal rate of support, and the support shall be paid in direct relation to the expenses in Jerusalem and following the examination and approval of the production report and meeting all of the agreement terms.

The payment shall be executed in three major milestones (the first milestone is divided into six month installments.
Cash rebate of 25% for the production expenses in installments in the following manner:
a. Once every 3 months, a 25% cash rebate of the approved expenses and no more than 80% of the support cap set in the agreement.
b. After submitting an account report, and its approval by the Jerusalem Development Authority and after screening the premiere in Jerusalem – 10%.
c. Upon the beginning of commercial broadcasting/screening – 10%.

G. Conditions for the Fund’s investment
The “production package” with all its components as it was approved, especially the director, the producer and the screenwriter and script, is binding, and any change in the composition of the partners and the components of the “production package” might cause a delay in the discussion of the script/project to the next reading cycle.
Prior to signing the agreement with the Fund, the updated production planning shall be submitted for an additional examination by the Fund. The Fund’s director shall have the right to request additional work on the preparations for production, as a condition for signing the agreement with the Fund.
The conditions for the Fund’s investment and the payment dates shall be in accordance to the specified agreement signed between the Fund and the submitter. Inasmuch as the submitter shall fail to meet the schedule defined in the agreement signed between the Fund and the submitter, the Fund shall be entitled to request that the submitter return the full support.
The Fund management is entitled to examine its policy and operation methods from time to time, and it is entitled to make changes and updates based on the needs and the changing reality. The Fund management has the full right to change the extent of support at its discretion, noticing, among others, the number of applications submitted, their level and the entire budget made available to the Fund.
The Fund reserves the right, among others, to examine the submitter’s production and distribution budgets, and to request changes to these budgets and to condition the contract with the submitter upon the making of these changes.
A positive response by the Fund to an application for supporting a production does not bind the Fund, so long as a detailed agreement has not been signed. In any case of contradiction between the written information in the Fund documents and the agreement, the agreement shall prevail.

H. Procedure for submitting a support application to the Fund
An application for support in the course of international animation production shall be submitted in four printed copies in accordance with the Fund’s writing procedures, as well as an additional copy on a DVD/CD, and shall be called “submission portfolio.”.The submitter shall be responsible to hand deliver this “submission portfolio” to the Fund by the set date. The Fund’s signature on the submission form shall constitute written proof of receiving the application on time.

The following documents shall be included in the submission portfolio in the following order:
1. Submission form (PDF format / WORD format)  
2. A full film script in Hebrew or English only (the submitter must translate any other language into English or Hebrew). If it is a TV series – a full script of an example episode and additional treatments of at least 50% of the series’ episodes and an ARC of the remainder of the series.
3. An abstract of the film/series, up to three pages in length.
4. A list of the team, divided into Israeli team and foreign (non-Israeli) team and professional résumés of the submitter, the screenwriter, the director and the producer – one page for each staff member.
5. Inasmuch as the original document is not in Hebrew or English, the submitter must translate the document and present a notary approval.
6. Inasmuch as the story on which the script is based is not original: a document must be submitted, approving the use of the original work. Inasmuch as the original document is not in Hebrew or English, the submitter must translate the document and present a notary approval.
7. Top sheet – summary of the production budget.
8. The production pipeline, describing the tasks, schedule and budget layout of the project, in Israel and in Jerusalem.
9. Production schedule.
10. Additional documents will be required based on the progression of production (such as: list of key persons in the production team and lead actors, filming site in Jerusalem etc.(
11. Detailed budget:
A Full and detailed budget.
a. separation between expenses in Jerusalem and in Israel.
b. Division of the investment/support between Israeli and foreign investors. The division shall determine who the senior partner is (the majority) and who the minor partners will be
c. An agreement between the Israeli company or the Israeli limited partnership and the foreign company, and a translation of the agreement into Hebrew. Inasmuch as there are additional partners from additional countries – it is important to state, and to attach copies of the agreements. After the process of reading and evaluating, the Fund shall deliver its decisions to the submitters and brief them about the next stage as detailed in the document regarding the application evaluation process that can be found on the Fund’s website.

* The information in this document does not bind the Fund and is intended for informative purposes, only, subject to the final agreement between the Fund and the application submitter.