A. General
The purpose of this procedure is encouraging the post production in Jerusalem of movie and television films intended for public broadcast and/or screening, for works in the areas of soundtrack design, editing, animation and image design in Jerusalem, by referring professional works to designated studios and professionals in the city, in order to support the development of the professional industry in Jerusalem. Only productions in which the Fund has not invested/granted in their production stage are entitled to submit (no double investment/gant). It shall be emphasized that it is not necessary for the movie to be filmed in Jerusalem and/or tell about Jerusalem.

B. Criteria for Eligibilitya
Production budget for Jerusalem is no less than NIS 50,000.b. Productions that have not received any other grant or investment from the Fund are eligible to submit for requested funding. c. It shall be emphasized that it is not necessary for the movie’s plot to be about Jerusalem, nor is there a requirement that the movie be filmed in Jerusalem. The investment is intended for soundtrack design, image editing (CGI), animation or image design.

C. Definitions
“Jerusalem” – The municipal area of Jerusalem as it is declared by the Minister of the Interior at the time this procedure is published.
“The Authority” – The Jerusalem Development Authority.
“The Fund” – The Jerusalem Film and Television Fund.
“The Grant Committee” – A committee composed of the Authority’s director and/or anyone on his behalf, the Authority’s VP of finances or the Authority’s accountant, the Authority’s legal advisor and the director of the Jerusalem Film and Television Fund.
“Film” – A fiction feature film at least 80 minutes long, which is typically intended for screening at movie theatres.
“Television Series” – A fiction series with at least 7 episodes, each episode at least 24 minutes in length.
“An International Production” – A production of a Film or a Television Series, with the main funding from abroad. The producer and production company are legally registered abroad, and have proven experience. The main spoken language in the Film or TV series is not an official language in Israel. The main casting is from abroad. There is an extensive plan for broadcasting and distribution abroad.
“A Production Package” – The overall submitted offer, which includes script, producer, director, main casting, detailed budget and at least 80% of the budget funding is guaranteed and the producer has all necessary approvals.
“The Production Budget in Israel” – The total estimation of costs required for purchasing goods and services directly related to the production of the Film or Series in Israel, including a detailed account of the Jerusalem budget.
“The Budget Referred to Jerusalem” – The budget includes payment for services and/or goods directly for the Production that are supplied by professionals residing in Jerusalem and/or businesses operating regularly in Jerusalem.

D. The “Film Post-Production in Jerusalem” Route, Threshold for Submitting Projects for Support:
1. Movie and television films intended for screening in movie theaters and/or bodies of broadcast (in accordance with the definitions on the Fund’s website) which have secured the total budget enabling their production.
2. There is a work program and budget plan for the post-production works* done in Jerusalem in professional studios and there is a signed approval by the Jerusalem studio owners to execute the work program with the given budget. This clause shall be set in the agreement with the production. For this matter: 
a. “Works” – production activities taking place in one or more professional studios in Jerusalem which were approved by the Fund, for works of soundtrack design, image editing, animation and image design, and the works shall be done by professionals in the movie area who are employed by a professional studio, including position holders as they are defined in the following professional unions: the Movie and Television Workers Union, the Animation Profession Union, the Editors Union and the Producers Union.
b. “Jerusalem” – the municipal area of the city of Jerusalem alone.
3. The production budget intended for executing the post-production works which is referred to Jerusalem is at least 50 thousand NIS, and is intended for works of soundtrack design, image editing, animation or image design.

E. Investment Principles
1. In accordance with a preliminary principle approval for the work program submitted to the Fund, which includes: the nature and scope of the work, schedule and budget for the production expenses in the professional areas, as they have been specified above, the calculation of the Fund’s investment shall be done in accordance with an investment key at a total of 35% of all production investments in the Works as they as defined above, in post-production in Jerusalem, but no more than 250,000 NIS.
2. The Fund’s monies assisting the post-production are grant monies, when the Fund is not a partner to the production.
3. Credit shall be given to the Fund in the end credits of the film or the series, in addition to the Fund’s logo.

F. General Instructions for submission
1. Instructions for submission in the route as it was defied in the document “Eligibility and Routes” on the Fund’s website.
2. On this route, the Authority shall support and participate in the cost of post-production for movie and television films intended for screening in Israel or abroad, regarding which the main production of filming days has been completed, and which meet the threshold for the support, as specified above.
3. The Authority shall support the post-production of films based on the evaluation and recommendation of the artistic and professional consultants and the Fund’s director.
4. The Fund’s management reserves the right to decide, on its initiative, regarding the support, even if the submitter lacks the required experience, as specified in the document “Eligibility and Routes” on the Fund’s website, based on the evaluation of the artistic consultants and the Fund’s director of the potential which lies with the project and its creators.
5. The Fund’s director is entitled to approach the directors and producers at all times, if he is impressed with their professional capability and their achievements, and to offer them to submit to the Fund a request for the post-production of a film or series which shall be brought for discussion and evaluation.
6. The Authority’s support to the post-production is conditioned upon receiving various budgets from the Israeli government and the municipality of Jerusalem. Inasmuch as the stated budgets shall not be received, in whole or in part, the Authority shall be entitled to cancel and/or to narrow the scope of the grants and/or to change the submission date, at any stage whatsoever, and the submitting entrepreneur shall have no complaint and/or claim and/or request regarding the cancelation or narrowing of the Fund’s support and/or changing the submission date.

G. The Evaluation Process and Sorting of Requests
The Authority shall approve the recommendations for support presented before it, following the sorting and discussion stages of the Fund’s director and the artistic consultants.
1. An initial examination that the submission portfolio meets the basic requirements specified herein and in the “Eligibility and Routes” document. It is possible that already at this stage, the Fund shall reject submissions failing to meet the basic requirements. In this case, a re-submission shall be enabled only at the next date.
2. The submission portfolio shall be sent to the artistic consultants for the evaluation stage. This sorting stage shall be based on recommendations formed with regards to the script and an examination and evaluation of the “Production Package” (with its components as is specified later in this document under the submitting procedure), and they shall serve as criteria for approving the projects for production. The examination and evaluation of “Production Packages” shall be done by the artistic consultants, the production professional consultants and the Fund’s director.
3. Offer submitters who have reached this stage shall be invited, at the Fund’s discretion to appear before the artistic consultants and the Fund’s director for presenting the project.

H. Conditions for the Fund’s Investment
1. The eligibility for submission to the route of Post-Production of films in Jerusalem is the submitter’s capability of proving that he can produce and execute the post-production in Jerusalem, at a budget which shall be no less than 50,000 NIS at a studio located in Jerusalem.
2. The “Production Package” with all its components, as it was approved, is binding and especially the director, the producer and the screenwriter. In addition, the approved production budget it binding, whereas the amount of the Fund’s investment is set, among others, based on the characteristics of the production budget. Any change to the composition of participants and the components of the “Production Package” may delay the discussion of the script/ project to the next reading cycle.
3. Prior to signing the agreement with the Fund, the script shall be submitted for an additional reading by the artistic consultants and the Fund’s director, edited and ready for filming. The Fund’s director shall have the right to request additional work on the script and the preparations for production, as a condition for signing the agreement with the Fund.
4. The conditions for the Fund’s investment and payment dates shall be in accordance with the specified in the agreement which shall be signed between the Fund and the submitter. Inasmuch as the submitter fails to meet the schedules defined in the agreement, the Fund shall be entitled to request that the submitter return the grant in its entirety.
5. A project produced with the Fund’s investment and which shall also be produced with the investment of other factors, the value of the Fund’s investment in the production shall be calculated based on the relative part of this investment out of the total production budget.
6. The Fund management is entitled to examine its police and methods of operation from time to time, and is entitled to make changes and updates based on needs and the changing reality. The Fund management has the full right to change the scope of its investments in the various routes at its discretion, while paying attention, among others, to the number of submitted requests, their level and the total budget which the Fund shall have available.
7. The Fund reserves the right, among others, to examine the submitter’s production and distribution budgets, as well as to request changes to these budgets and to condition the contracting with the submitter upon making those changes.
8. An approval in principle by the Fund to a request for investment in production, does not bind the Fund, so long as a detailed agreement has not been signed between the Fund and the submitter. In any case of contradiction between the written in the Fund’s documents and the agreement, the agreement shall prevail.

I. The Procedure of Submitting the Request for a Grant to the Fund.
A request for investment in the Post-Production of films in Jerusalem shall be submitted in four printed copies in accordance with the Fund’s writing procedures, and an additional copy on a CD/ DVD, and shall be called “Submission Portfolio”. This “Submission Portfolio” shall be hand delivered to the Fund at the submitter’s responsibility, until the date set. The Fund’s signature upon the submission form shall constitute reference for receiving the request on time.On each of the four printed copies, and of course on the additional copy on a CD/ DVD

The “Submission Portfolio” shall include the documents specified hereinafter in accordance with the following order:
1. Submission form ((PDF format / WORD format)
2. Premise (2-3 sentences)
3. Full script (example of a script format)
4. An abstract of the film, up to three pages long.
5. One page only with a description of all main characters.
6. Written description of the existing visual materials (rushes/ assembly). Viewing these materials shall take place if it is decided to invest in the post-production of the film.
7. Professional curriculum vitae of the submitter, the screenwriter, the director and the producer, one page only per staff member.
8. Inasmuch as the story on which the script is based is not original, a document must be attached, approving using the original work.
9. Production budget concentration (Top Sheet) shall be submitted on the budget form on the website, and shall include details of budget division between Jerusalem/ Israel/ abroad.
10. A table with the list of investors in the production and the amount of investment, and documents signed by the investors, approving the amount of the investment and specifying its terms.
11. A working plan, in cooperation with the owner/s of designated studio/s working in Jerusalem, which specifies the nature and scope of works for execution, the employment of a number of professionals, the duration of each work on the project work timeline, while emphasizing the works to take place in Jerusalem and in coordination with the budget (clause 9 above).
12. Production schedule.
13. Additional documents based on the Production’s progression (such as: list of key members of the production staff and main actors).

* The information in this document does not bind the Fund, and is for informative purposes only, subject to the final agreement between the Fund and the submitter of the request.